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Since 1985, our company operates its own offices located in Istanbul and Yalova and constitute a large family that cooperates with other partners.

Our company operating under name of  YUSUF OZKAN LTD, in Real Estate, Managenment , illustrates the Construction and Tourism,sector.

Turkey is a country that has been grown up and have taken important steps in real estate business.

Our company offers useful informations and consulting services about real estate leasing, buying, selling, construction and investment to our domestic and foreign customers.

We offer profitable investment projects to those who invest in Turkey.We also do the  management of projects, monitoring, control, construction, marketing, and sales of the projects.

Having vacation and staying in your own house and to do investment; one of the best option as a country is Turkey.

In real estate industry; experience,trust,customer satisfaction and professional service is important.

We strive to fullfil these characteristics that we see as important.

Particularly; one of the important issue is trust for foreigh exchanges. Our main principle is to avoid all problems that will brake, trust of our customers.

Until now our most powerfull references are our customers that has been done business with us in realestate, sale, lease and construction sector.

For every budget and lifestyle,we have aviliable choices in Turkey and as a company we are confıdent to serve you the best.

Our (A) group travel agency; Elpaso Travel Agency ( ) has been entertain hundreds of tourists in our country and send them back satisfied with our Professional services.Also help many foreigners to own property in Turkey ,and helping to get their legal paperworks.And also making dozens of villa projects according to our domestic and foreign cutomer requests. We also participate in international fairs held each year as a regular company.

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